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    Mark out points in line graph

    Johanna Olnen


      I have a graph where I would like to place out dots on different points on the graph. I would for example like to place a dot when the count (y-axis) = 300 and month (x-axis) = june 30th. How can I do this in tableau? Skärmavbild 2018-06-26 kl. 09.16.29.png

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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, Johanna


          Can you provide a sample workbook?



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            Mahfooj Khan

            Hi Johanna,


            You can achieve this using reference line in tableau. If you go to analytics tab there you'll get option under Custom. See the screenshot.

            In your graph just drag the ref line, while putting ref line in your graph it'll give options like where you'd like to put ref line x or y axis. See the screenshot.

            Put it on table, the moment you put you'll have two ref lines in your graph. By default for y-axis Tableau will generate avg line and for x-axis (which is date) min ref line. Additionally edit axis window will be appeared.

            Edit the x-axis and set the line value like this

            similarly edit the y-axis

            Finally you'll have this view.


            Let us know if this help. Workbook v10.5 attached for your reference.