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    Dashboard exporting into excel

    rao marapatla

      Hi all,


      I need a solution to export dashboard which has 3 views data into excel .


      I have seen many threads here but nothing worked out .


      can some one help me on this please .



      Dashboard names I have made all the respective views as hidden so that use can able to see only 3 dashboards in workbook.


      dashboard 1 ( has 3 views )

      dashboard 2 ( has 3 views )

      dashboard 3 ( has 3 views )



      user select dashboard 1 and selecting respective data with help of global filters after completing filter selection he wanted to export data into excel. this is my requirement can some one help .



      Tried option.


      exported dashboard into server and used url suffix as .csv but no luck

      and tbcommand is not recommended solution because user wanted to down load as on needed.



      thanks in advance