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    Unable to Update Join Error

    Nabil Majoul

      Hello Tableau Community

      I have a datasource with several text files and several unions and calculated join clause.

      Datasource was working but we need now to use  a new version of the main file BI_SALES* with different  file and field names.

      As a consequences we are renaming the fields on the calculated joins.

      After renaming the fields used on  the calculated joints between BI_SALES and BI_RATES the joins is broken and the message appears:  Unable to change the join clause information for BI_RATES. As a consequence we cannot used the datasource.

      Can you help us to restore the right calculated joins with our new files.

      STEPS to Reproduce


      1. 1-     Edit Sales History Data Source



      1. 2-     Point Connection to new folder with extra files
      2. 3-     Edit BI_SALES_CURR_YEAR.csv++ Union






      1. 4-     Add BI_BILLING to UNION
      2. 5-     Check Joins Before Merge



      1. 6-     Merge Invoice Date  (Renamed Field) and  """Billing doc. date"""BILL_DATE:0BILL_DATE


      7-     This trigger the error on both joins



      1. 8-     Noticed that Invoice Date is now back to its Original Name on the joins




      1. 9-     I’m not able to change/correct je joins anymore whatever I do : remove BI_RATES from data source, Rename Files with another name:…..




      This is confidential data so I will not be able to post the work book



      Many thanks for your help