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    Tracking Sum Hour by Hour (Tableau 2018.1)

    Sneha Darsi

      Hi All,

      This is my first time using this forum, yay! I feel like the answer to my question is really easy but I just can't work my head around it.

      I attached a workbook using sample data (the original is a very large extract and is sensitive data). Start Date and End Date shows the time elapsed for the files to go through the Step Desc process and then the Created Date is when the file is ready to go. Source Sys Name is just the name of the file. What I want to do is to be able to select a date and see the source count (sum) in hourly intervals for that day. Along with the workbook., I also provided a picture of what I'm trying to get the end result to be. I'm hoping this is a clear explanation, but please let me know if I can elaborate in any way. Thank you


      To clarify, if I set it to Exact Date and put it in the Filter, I can get a slider that changes the bars to match the date. That's half way to what I want. But I want it to show in hours at the bottom and have the Source Count (Sum) align to whatever hour it matches with.