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    July OKC TUG

    Guillermo Mendez-Kestler

      July we'll be doing a makeover session for any workbooks we'd like to review. If you would like to be included just reach out to me. I'll update this thread in a couple weeks once I get the invite setup.


      To start us off we'll be looking at Corrie Martinson's CSAT data. The initial report started in Excel and needs a lot of love to make it something that gets users exited about using tableau. The CSAT report originally had 3 tabs. A weekly view compared to a 4 week view by agent (weekly CSAT dash). The other two tabs are the MTD views by agent and previous month by agent that got reduced to a single view in Tableau with a date range filter. The big downsides are very tabular without much guidance or a story. Data has been edited to mask the underlying names.