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    Get the average of a field - weighted to the population

    Dustin Greelis

      Hi folks,


      I'm a market researcher, and so we use a lot of weighted numbers.  Basically, there is a column of 'weights' that represent the number of respondents that each row should count for.  So if respondent 1 has an answer of 5.5, and a weight of 10, then that should count for 10 responses of 5.5.  This is fine when getting the sum (drag the 'weight' field into the middle and presto!), but as you can imagine, dragging the 'weight' field into the middle and setting it to get the average gives a number that's way too high (in essence, multiplying the weight field of 10 by the answer of 5.5 to get 55). 


      Do you guys have any ideas on how to make this work?  I attached a file with random data, just showing that I'd like to make a trend line, but instead of the weight being the darkness of the line (as it is now), I want it to represent the number of times that the response in the same row (to Q1 in this example) should count.


      Let me know if any of this is confusing.  Thank you folks so much for the help!!