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    Need to decrease time intervals based on date filter ( Last N days)

    ramya nanda



      I have created a dashboard which shows different trends for my data with date filters, where the dashboard filters based on the number of days selection in the date filter.


      Now, I need to decrease the time intervals on the x-axis based on the number of days selection from the date filter( Retrieved date Time).

      Eg:     Date filter                    Intervals

                  today                            12

                  last 2 days                    6

                  last 3 days                    4 

                  last 4 days                    3

                  last 5 days                    2.5 which can be shown as 2 intervals.


      I haven't much worked with date & time. I am trying different options, it not working


      Can anyone please help me with the solution for this? thanks in advance.


      Attached is a sample workbook.