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    Rounding issue

    Tina Crouse

      I have tried the following calculations:


      Field name is %Denied: sum([Total Denied])/sum([Total Auths])


      Field Name is %DeniedMD: SUM(IF[Rvwr] = 'MD' Then

      [MDCount] END)/SUM(IF[Rvwr] = 'MD'

      Then [Total Auths] END)


      Field Name is MDRRate: sum([MDRCount])/sum([Total Auths])


      Difference View:


      Field Name is Difference:  [%Denied] - lookup(zn([%Denied]),-1)


      Field Name is Diff: [%DeniedMD] - lookup(zn([%DeniedMD]),-1)


      Field Name is RateMD: [MDRRate] - lookup(zn([MDRRate]),-1)


      The issue is, 6 of the fields do not calculate correctly. The rounding is off. I have tried putting round(sum in the calculation but I did not add any rounding to the calculations of the Diff portion. Do I need to do that as well and if so, how do I add that with a lookup. Do I need a 3rd calculation like Round(Difference)? Actually, no I tried adding a 3rd RDifference and that results in 0.