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    Get MIN value from the Table Calculation

    Bill Li

      Hi everyone,


      I have a question regarding the table calculation.

      Original Data:


      First of all, I have 3 options for Case status and I have calculated the total percent by case status. Let's assume 93.31% is Correct-Case and 2.43% is Wrong-Case and 4.26% is Pending Case. In order to just focus on the Correct-Case, I have used WINDOW_MIN function to just show the rate for correct case.


      After using WINDOW_MIN and I get this:


      The question is, now I am trying to select the MIN of all the Correct-Case rate, which in this case, I am trying to get 0.92093 as my final result. Is there any way to do that?


      Please advise if you guys have a clue.