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    Row security performance


      I have a few levels of detail in my row security. to cover alol possible combinations I have created one row per combination for each user. User 2 for example has one row for south product 1 and one for product 2 etc.


      I will potentially have 100+ users in this security file. Since the number of users add rows to my data I would like to do this setup best way. I have added top level users to a group who should have access to all data. this eliminates some users.


      1. Will number of users affect the performance for each user or only for me as an admin?

      2. Would you recommend me to create a calculation to check level 1 and level 4 to limit the number of columns

      3. Is there another way of keeping high performance and still have this level of security?



      Level 1 has four options

      Level 2 and 3 has 20-30 choices

      Level 4 has three options



      User      Level 1    Level 2    Level 3  level 4

      user 1    Europe

      user 2    Europe   Germany

      user 3    Europe   Germany  North

      user 3    Europe   Germany  South       Product 1

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          Just wanted to help others by saying that we solved it by creating a user in the row security called all access. Then we gave this user all combinations. Now we added another formula looking for all access users. If they are all acces they should use all access user.


          then we just used this formula username()=calculation and added it to the file