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    A lookup table

    Indre Stanaityte



      i have been trying to find an example in the forum but couldnt so apologies if something like this already exists.

      Anyway,  i am trying to create a lookup table which i could later use for 'forecast'.

      Trying to get from (campaign to sales volume):


      Campaign MatureSelectionMailing volumeSales volumeRate lookupEst sales
      Campaign 1YesSelection 1100015
      Campaign 1YesSelection 22005
      Campaign 1YesSelection 350012
      Campaign 1YesSelection 480014
      Campaign 1YesSelection 57004
      Campaign 2YesSelection 12002
      Campaign 2YesSelection 280010
      Campaign 2YesSelection 44005
      Campaign 2YesSelection 585015
      Campaign 3NoSelection 150011%7
      Campaign 3NoSelection 250022%8
      Campaign 3NoSelection 350012%12
      Campaign 3NoSelection 450022%8
      Campaign 3NoSelection 550001%6


      To: where mature = 'Yes'


      SelectionVolumeSalesSales rate
      Selection 11200171.42%
      Selection 21000151.50%
      Selection 3500122.40%
      Selection 41200191.58%
      Selection 51550191.23%


      Which will then be a lookup in the first table: Rate lookup. And Est sales is just Rate Lookup * Mailing volume.


      Any ideas would be much appreciated.