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    Summing another column by the multiple values in one cell

    Brent Janes

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm trying to calculate the total number of associates trained on a certain model of phone within a visit to the store. The issue is that one training session may cover multiple models of phones and the models are all captured in a single cell (see below).


      VisitIdEndDateEndTimeFirstNameStateProvinceStoreTraining# of Associates Trained
      31318412/3/201713:45:00MichaelABShawnessy Town CentreV300
      31320612/3/201717:01:00MichaelABWesthills Town CentreV300
      31331412/3/201715:10:00MichaelABBB #945 - SunridgeGPAD 41
      31336912/3/201712:46:00MichaelABBB #741 - ShawnessyGPAD 4,V301
      31338412/3/201717:38:00MichaelABBB #902 - Westhills Calgary BBGPAD 40
      31339112/3/201715:59:00MichaelABBB #746 - Beacon HillGPAD 41
      31456912/3/201714:10:00JeffreyONFreedom Fairview MallQ6,G6,GPAD 4,Promotions,V302
      31457112/3/201717:00:00JeffreyONBell (Fairview Park Mall)Q6,G6,Promotions,V301
      31476012/3/201716:54:00ScottONWOW! DEVONSHIRE MALLV302
      31631012/3/201715:10:00ScottONBell (Devonshire Mall)Q6,V303
      31631212/3/201715:30:00ScottONWindsorG6,GPAD 42
      31631512/3/201714:40:00ScottONDevonshire MallQ6,V30




      The goal is to display the data like this:


      DeviceTraining SessionsAssociates Trained by Device
      Stylo 3 Plus715
      X Power 21584
      GPAD 4105300


      In excel, I have just leveraged the sumif function but am not sure how to achieve the same outcome within tableau. I would also like to graph the training session by device over time.


      I have attached a sample workbook and would appreciate any assistance you could give