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    Show column counts as a Grand total row

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      I am displaying tabular data which is a mix of dimensions and measures.  Below is the example format.


          Date     ID    Type   Status    Cnt     ID2     City  measure2

      Jun1          12     abc     T          10     009     xyz     1000

      Jun1          14     afc     F          15     009     wqt     1000

      Total               2            2          Null           25          1          2               2000         


      I am looking to add a row at the end [Total ] displaying count of ID / Count of ID2 and SUM of Cnt / SUM of measure 2. I understand this cannot be achieve by simply adding Show Column Grand Total. The only workaround I found is to create an extra worksheet and display it below the main sheet in dashboard.


      Can anyone let me know if there is anything which I am missing. Thank a lot for your help.