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    User Filter Messing up my graph

    Tiago Valente

      Hi All,


      I have a sales performance workbook that uses a blended data source for a budget (published to tableau) and a sales datasource (published to tableau)


      They are blended by name, week, and year (Budget to Sales)


      In my view I have a Linear budget line for my budget and running total sales for last year and current year.




      I have user filters to show sales performance for managers that are managed by respective sales people. When I don't engage the user filter, my total budget is correct in view.


      When I filter for a manager, the Graph seems to skip week 1, go to week 2  and my overall budget total gets broken as a result.


      What could cause this?


      Thanks All

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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Tiago,


          Do the weeks tally up between your two blended data sources? Your primary source must have all the weeks in order for the budget data to be populated in full. The logic is similar to a left join.


          So with the primary data source, if you blend on dates and the dates are:


          1st Jan 2017

          2nd Jan 2017

          4th Jan 2017


          And the secondary data source has:

          1st Jan 2017

          2nd Jan 2017

          3rd Jan 2017



          The final view will only have the dates from the primary data source:

          1st Jan 2017

          2nd Jan 2017

          4th Jan 2017


          So you'd essentially be missing the data for 3rd Jan from the secondary data source.





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            Tiago Valente

            Hi Mavis,


            My theory is that as an admin I can see everybody in the organization and therefore it shows the first week. The manager user filter restricts the view to only particular sales reps (who may not have had a sale in week 1).


            So what you wrote is correct to a degree yes, but isn't the cause of my problem, otherwise I wouldn't see week 1.


            I'm not a fan of rec-reating the dashboard so there must be a logic based solution to this (calculated field)

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              Tiago Valente



              My theory is correct, I found a sales rep who made a sale in week 1 and gave that manager access to them.


              I'll need some sort of logic based on min date but I'm a bit stuck.


              This temporary solution works but it isn't formula based at this moment.