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    Top N Filter for multiple context

    Danh Nguyen The

      Hi everyone, I have some issues on Top N filter in a scatter plot of Top sales of Product sold in a selected day, there are 4 stores, when I choose a single store and use Top N Filter then Tableau show out correct results matching with parameter. However, when I choose multiple stores (or all) , and adjust Top 1 (or any) sales sold, the results of Top N filter is the same Product for 4 stores, not the top 1 sales of product each store ( granurlarity is product level) ? I have read about context function and set up "Date" ,"Store" as Context but it is useless in selecting ALL stores.

      1. Store Binh Tan Cherry is TOp 1




      2.But when choosing all store, it is all about Apple red , not 1st sales sold for each store