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    How to apply a filter to only the metrics in a table and not affect the dimensions?

    Vedant Chaturvedi

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement in which I need to show Bottom 100 people based on a few parameters which will come from back end.

      They will be sorted based on a metric and the other metrics have to be shown as blank or with values based on a filter.


      The number of people remain constant, only the metrics have to be affected here.


      In the attached workbook, I have sorted ID based on Metric 1. Now the ask is that the list remains constant, only Metric 2 should show when 'Training Number' filter selected corresponds to it.


      So, if I select Training 1 from filter, values for only those people who have had Training 1 should show up and other should be blank.

      I tried a few things but everything filters out my data first and then shows.


      The workbook contains dummy data and in reality this table would have around 30 columns (I know it's a lot, but can't help it).


      Any help on this would be amazing.


      P.S. the attached workbook has been made on v 10.2.0.