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    Creating a YTQ Calculation based on the Financial Year

    An Na

      Hi all,


      i created the following dashboard and my goal is to show on the left side a Quarterly view and on the right side a FY view but based on the quarters.


      On the left side the user can see the YTQ calculation for each segment in a stacked bar.

      On the right side there should also be the YTQ calculation but without the Quarters in the Axis. It should be like this:


      If the User selects Q1, it should show Q 1

      If the User selects Q2, it should show Sum of Q1+Q2

      If the User selects Q1+Q2, it should show Sum of Q1+Q2 and so on.



      In my current view the calculation doesn't work in the right way.


      Is there a way to create this kind of view? Please find a workbook attached.


      Thanks a lot.