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    Filter hierarachy dimension from OLAP to excel field




      I have a dimension from OLAP cube called "Countries" and created a set of it. I´ve set a relationship to a excel file on a field also called "Countries". But when I pull the Countries Set on filters shelf and select a country on my dashboard, the worksheet doesn´t react on filtering. And if put the set on Pages shelf and select "All" the filter is selecting the last value which is existing. Of course the connected field from excel file is also showing the value for this field. So where do i have to put the countries filter? And how can i get "All" values from excel file even when there is no "All" value in excel list? Meaning when i select "All" from OLAP Dimension it should sum up all values (Country1+2+3) from excel file.


      Hierarchy Olap.JPG


      Thanks in advance.