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    Can we create a combined set on date fields.

    lalitha p

      Hi everyone,


        I have my data like this.


        Product            Due1              Due2              Due3                  Due4

         AAA           12-Aug-18         13-Sep-18           -                         -

         BBB           13-Sep-18             -                    1-02-2019          03-03-2019

         CCC           03-Dec-18         12-01-2019         -                       -

         DDD           30-Jun-2018       31-Jul-2018       -                       -


      Imagine i have my products with their due data like this.

      My report should be like this:


      Jun-18     Jul-18     Aug-18  Sep-18   Oct-18   Nov-18  Dec-18    Jan-19  Feb-19 Mar-19 etc like this

         1              1               1         2               0            0           1             1           1              1 

      As i have 1 product for each month so i should represent that and as i have 2 products in sep so i should have 2.


      Here i strucked when creating a date field out of the 4 Due fields. all those 4 Due fields are date fields and i tried to create set out of 4 but couldn't.

      I really didnt get any idea to create a date field here but then i thought to create a set out of 4 Due dates to combine.


      So i created actually month,year fields of the 4 fields and then upon i created 4 sets but then my idea is to combine those sets but really couldnt combine them.

      Any idea??