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    Calculated fields for sum of measure for each quarter (for reference lines)


      *I unable to post my workbook due to sensitive material*




      I am trying to make quarterly goal reference lines for a bar chart. The bar chart shows sales for different projects.


      To do so, I am trying to make a calculated field for each quarter that sums a measure called "Planned Sales" based off of the date for the "Planned Sales''.


      For a calculated field called "Q4 Goal" I have tried the following, but have gotten null values when I put "Q2 Goal" in a table as text and the filtered project name in the Rows:


      IF YEAR([Date (copy)]) = YEAR(TODAY()) AND DATEPART('quarter', [Date (copy)]) = 4

      THEN {FIXED [Date (copy)]: SUM([Planned Sales])}



      Any ideas about how to get this calculation to work? Should I be doing this a different way?