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    Help - Ranking after applying a parameter to a table

    Clement Larre

      Dear Tableau Talents,


      I am facing issues after the use of parameters on my dashboard.


      I have dashboard month and quarters in my columns. Very Classic. Nothing complicated. Please find attached the Tableau or see picture below:


      In addition to the main filters on the top, I have added two parameters to make this table interactive:


      1. " Choose a view" to allow the user to see by hotel, cities, area ops, etc.

      2. "Choose a metric view", to allow the user to see different KPI metrics whether in % or in $.


      The issue that I face is that if I choose a metric view other than Total F&B Sales - vs. LY %, I can't sort my months from the largest to smallest or smallest to largest anymore. It works only with this metric.

      I am not sure why, but I really need to have this capability for any metric that is chosen. This will allow the user to see the forecast and identify top and bottom performers for the upcoming months.


      Ex: If I want to rank my best performers for November. I can't to that... . It works only with Total F&B Sales - vs. LY %.


      Any ideas on how to make it work? Or any other solutions to have this capability?


      Thank you so much in advance

      Best Regards,