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    Insert future date in the date column in tableau

    Pak Hang  Leung

      Hi all


      In my workbook there is data from Jan-2017 to May 2018.

      However, I want to make the prediction and try to include the future months e.g Jun 2018, Jul 2018, Aug 2018 etc.

      I tried to use the DATEADD('month',6,[Date]) function to do so. It did create the new date range, but the problem is, the timeframe simply shifted i.e from "Jan-2017 to May-2018" to "Feb-2017 to Jun-2018" instead of adding extra rows in the table like "Jan-2017 to Jun-2018".


      Instead of changing the data source, is there any alternative solution to extend the date column in tableau?

      The workbook is attached as reference. Many thanks for you guys help!