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    Child folders not visible to move or save workbooks into

    Michael Eddie

      Hi There,


      I am having problems saving workbooks created with tableau online into child projects. Let me explain my setup and what I am trying to achieve.


      I have a datasource which is based upon a filemaker web data API. This is published to filemaker server.


      I would like the data source to be shared between distinct user groups.

      Each record within the user group has an Org_Code.

      I have setup a data source filter which only shows the appropriate record to the appropriate users.

      All my users are named GROUP type e.g. XXX Medical, YYY Charity.

      The user filter checks whether the username contains the Org_Code using Contains(UserName(),[Org_Code]).

      This is working well and the data is well segregated.

      I have one admin account who can view everyones data.


      I now want to setup my permissions so the following is possible.




      - [Default]

      - [System]

           - XXX ORG

           - YYY ORG

           - ZZZ ORG



      I want to make standard reports read only, except for the admin. This will house all the custom report workbooks which the users of each ORG can interact with, but not edit, in order to view their data.


      I want users to be able to create a workbook based on the data source (shared across everyone). This will be filtered with the data source filter so only their data is visible.

      I want the users to be only able to save into the respective Org Folder.


      So any user who logs in should see the STANDARD REPORTS folder, and their ORG Folder only.

      STANDARD REPORTS - Read only, system wide standard templates

      XXX ORG - Users are free to create whatever workbooks they wish to cut and slice their own data


      I have managed to get the view permissions sorted, but whenever I create a new workbook it will only let me save it within the System folder. The child folders are not visible. I have tried making the user a project leader for their org folder, and have made them the owner, and specifically enabled permissions to move workbooks. Nothing I do seems to make the child folders visible.


      Does anyone have any tips please, or can think of a better way to do this?

      I had previously used four different data sources (one standard, one for XXX, one for YYY, and one for ZZZ).

      This has become unmanageable as any changes I make have to be made 4 times across the data sources.


      Thanks in advance for any help or tips!


      Kind Regards,