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    Custom regions of counties in Tableau

    Rikesh Nana

      Hello all,


      Thank you for reading!


      I have:


      A dataset with data that is divided into two regions of Kentucky. I also have a cross walk detaiilng which counties in Kentucky go into which of the two regions.


      I wish to make a map that:


      Displays a map of the state of Kentucky with both of the regions, and a table underneath that displays a dataset with certain characteristics (i.e. how many people live in the region). When you click on a region, it should filter the data to only display the data pertaining to that region. Could someone point me to a resource that would show me how to do this? Unfortunately, I'm running Tableau 8.


      Thanks again for your help.





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          Jim Dehner


          Tableau has ;limited mapping capability including the ability to create a custom region from lower level geo fields


          More recent versions have this capability



          8 does not have that feature


          That doesn't solve your problem - sorry


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