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    Placing an Up and Down trend on  a map based on a weekly comparison of an aggregated measure

    Mazen Injibar

      Ok so this might look like a complicated title but i've been trying to work around this but no luck. So basically I have an occupancy measure which I computed using calculated fields. Then I created a map using a spatial file. I managed to show occupancy levels on the map based on regions but I need to show an up or down trend to be placed on the map. The trend should compare the current week to last week. I made a calculated field for current week and current week -1 and then placed the wow formula, but since it's a map it's not taking into account last week results.

      This is really frustrating because when I use the current week calculated field I have to use ATTR function on the dates in order to solve the aggregate and non aggregate issue but what it does is limit my flexibility to work around it.