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    Counting sales <$X without having to breakout the table by unique order ID

    Krista Ernewein

      Hi -  I couldn't exactly decide how to title this but...


      I have a bunch of orders that I want to plot on a map to indicate where all of our <$99 sales are coming from and another map indicating where our $99+ sales are coming from. So essentially a histogram but in map form. However, when I remove the Order ID granularity from my row shelf all of my individual sales get summed together and now the count of <$99 sales is incorrect. I'm wracking my brain because this seems like an obvious task, but for some reason can't seem execute it.


      How do I tally <$99 individual sales at the unique ID row level (without breaking my data out by Row ID)?  i.e. if I have ten $50 purchases, how do I get a count of 10 rather than a result of zero because Tableau summed purchases to $500.


      Again this feels painfully obvious, but I'm just not connecting the dots right now. Thanks in advance!


      - Krista