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    Radial line/bar chart like a clock

    Marius Ulrich

      Hello there,

      I try to create a radial bar chart for some text messaging data. So far, I created a radial bar chart with the help of some old forum tips and the following YouTube tutorial from the Tableau Community. TABLEAU RADIAL BAR CHART TUTORIAL - YouTube That all worked out, even so I am not sure if the bar length actually indicates how many texts were send for my example.
      But, I ran into some trouble with specific criteria.
      I want to create a radial chart that shows me the count of text messages between two persons over time (I think it would be easier to separate AM and PM). The bar should be an indicator of the count of text messages send each hour of the day. Also, the bars should be in the same positions as they would be on a clock (If most texts were send around noon then the bar for count of texts send for noon should be on the top similar to the image of a clock). Also, it would be great if the x/y axis would actually show the number of texts send (instead of reaching from -1 to 1).



      So, in the end I would like to have two radial bar charts (one for AM one for PM) with two different colors of bars in them (for each person one color).
      Lastly, it would even be better if could switch bars with continues lines. I'll attach an example of my data. Maybe someone can help me out.
      Also, I attached a fast concept art drawing to my post (very rudimentary).
      Thank you so much,