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    How to remove 0s from average (grand total) if another value is 0 (conditional formatting)

    Jean-Philippe Bonenfant

      Hi everyone,


      Here's my problem, As you can see in the following picture (or the attached one), at day of date 1 I have 0s for the 5 column in the red circle.

      I would like to remove column B, C, D, E from the grand total (which is an average of the daily results) and keep the column A into the grand total when A is equal to 0.


      I'm not sure which is the proper way to do and i'd need help!

      I've thought and tried range filter and creating parameters without any success.

      I've also tried to create a calculated field without success even if I think that it might be the right way to do ( if anyone has proper skills in conditional formatting it might be useful to solve this problem...)


      The proper conditional formatting would probably be an IF THEN, but i'm not able to properly write it...