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    Color based on performance and

    Eric Bettinger

      Hello all,


      I've run into a wall and am looking for input on how to basically recreate our department scorecard (currently in Excel and attached) in Tableau. While I'm more than open to new approaches and "looks" our Director does have requirements that he is not willing to bend:


      • Each division can be it's own sheet (as shown in the tabbed Excel workbook)
      • Each measure must show the last 12 months, the running 12-month average, and the 12-month average as compared to the measure goal
      • A summary sheet showing the total number of measures that are meeting/exceeding the goal (Green), between meeting and 90% of meeting the goal (Orange), and less than 90% of meeting the goal (Red)


      Another issue is that some measures are "less than XX"  (as shown in the attached workbook.


      Any thoughts/help/insights on this are GREATLY appreciated. Again, I've attached my Tableau workbook as well as the Excel workbook that I need to emulate.