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    Lookup Filtering and Area Charts

    Harrison Armstrong

      Hello all - I am having some trouble understanding why a lookup filter is affecting my area chart in an odd way. Without the addition of a lookup filter, which I have tried several variations of including LOOKUP(MIN([Dimension]),0), replacing MIN with MAX, ATTR, and so on. They all seem to have the same affect on my area chart. Pictures can be seen below:


      Before any filtering:





      After the inclusion of the LOOKUP filter (in this case the filter is continuous, and has the code LOOKUP(MIN([Pivot Field Values]),0)).


      Unfortunately I cannot post a workbook as it is proprietary information, so I hope pictures can help determine what is going on.


      When ignoring the skewed visual, the filtering seems to work in that by adjusting the dates in the Date Lookup Filter, the X-axis adjusts accordingly. I just can't understand why the visual gets out of whack.


      Thank you for the help!