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    YTD Calculation with adjustable month


      Dear Tableau Community,


      in my Dashboard I would like to create a graph for YTD Revenues by Fiscal Year where I can adjust the select period.

      For example if I select Period 8, the Revenue for the Sum of Period 1 until Period 8 should be shown, and the Period Filter should be adjustable. I just want to show the single YTD value (for this and last Fiscal Year) and not every single period's revenue.


      The database is a MS ACCESS DB in which I'm not able to work with LoD calculations. Attached is an example file where you can see the datastructure of my dataset.


      Unfortunately I was not able to find a solution in different posts of the forum, so I hope someone of you can help me out!


      Thank you very much in advance for your help!


      Best regards