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    Map: Change colour of country

    Anton Scharton

      Hei there,


      Can anyone help me to cahnge the colours of the following issue:


      - the colour of the Country on the map. How can I Change it to White?


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          Mavis Liu

          Hi Anton,


          You want to change the text colour to white?


          It looks like Brazil is labelled using the map layers, so please go to map and map layers to remove the Country names:




          Then drag your own country field to text:







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            Naveen B

            Hi Anton ,


            For this you need to add the country field to text and make it white


            Problem statement:


            Since i have only one country so i used the state field to generate map and showing Oklahoma.


            In order make the text white drag State to text and change the color to white check the below image



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