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    How to join data with shape files

    Randy Adhitama Setiadi

      Hi All, Greetings,


      I have an question about how to join data with shape files.


      Let say I have a millions of data that stored in database. So with Tableau I directly connected to the database to create a dashboard. I also have shape files that contain area border with polygon data.


      So we have latitude and longitude in database, and we have the border and "Area Name" within the shape files.


      The question is, how to make the database has the "Area Name" with it?


      Merge the database and shape files in another software is out of options, because the data in the database is so huge so we cannot export it into .csv.


      I understand Tableau has feature to join two or more files, but any idea how we can connect it while we do not have any unique variable in both files?