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    Tableau Prep Output Error with message "not available after aggregation"




      (My Prep Version: 2018.1.1)


      We create a prep flow with wildcard input to combind some excel files and split 'File Paths' (generated field) to get some information.

      And then using those information to  do data aggregation and create some other calculation fields.

      It works fine while I creating each step, but show an error "'File Paths' is not available after aggregation "  while run the flow




      Here is my example to reproduce the problem.

      (1). Data  Source:   2 Types and 3 years sales data.    

           SALES_TYPEA_2016.xlsx, SALES_TYPEA_2017.xlsx, SALES_TYPEA_2018.xlsx,
           SALES_TYPEB_2016.xlsx, SALES_TYPEB_2017.xlsx, SALES_TYPEB_2018.xlsx



      (2). Create prep  flow

      (2-1). Wildcard union input, which will give us a 'File Paths' field.


      (2-2). Clean step. Use the 'File Paths' and split it to Sales Type and YYYY.


      (2-3). Aggreation (just sum the amount  group by customer, YYYY and sales types)


      (2-4). Clean again. In the step, we create a calculation field as  the aggreated amount*-1 for TYPEA.


      (2-5). Finally. Add a output step.

           It works fine and do not show any warning and error with perfect preview data.


      (2-6) Run the flow and here is the error message.


         We do not use the 'File Paths' field in the second clean step.

         (we just use  "sales type" field in CF, and "sales type" is from "File Paths" in the first clean step. )


         The workaround is to move the CF before aggregation step.   


         Is this a bug or an known issues?


         Thanks in advance.



         best regards,