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    Measure Values Summing

    Paul Gonzalez

      Why does Tableau do this? 


      I'm graphing production values which reside in an Excel spreadsheet for 2018 and another for 2017.  The values for 2018 look like this, which is what I expect:




      But the values for 2017 look like this, which is what I don't want:




      I know that in the second chart, on the dates that we released two batches of product, the value that I'm graphing is summed because it is double what it should be.  Why is it doing this?  I built both charts the same way, but in the second chart automatically summed this value because there are two instances on the same day.  In the first chart it automatically formatted it how I want it.


      I have tried:

      1.) Right click, and then drag and dropping the value that I want into the rows shelf, and I can choose a continuous dimension in this way, and that does cause the 2017 data to quit summing, but I can't share axes (axises?) with the eight measures that I want.

      2.) I'm sure that I can reshape the data, but I want to make this a live connection.


      Why does Tableau automatically choose to sum the 2017 data, but it gives me the single values for 2018?