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    Measure Sum result in a Different Value than in Excel.

    Paul Olsen



      This seems basic but I have been struggling with this for a while and cannot find anything useful in other discussions. I have a built a tableau database to provide a presentation that can be updated quickly for each quarter. All of the data was hardcoded and it worked great for the past three quarters. I have multiple excel sheets in one workbook and have pulled all my data together like this.


      This quarter I decided to try linking my database to another excel which will be easier to update with the information I receive from various sources.So i have two Tableau presentations running parallel. The excel that has everything hardcoded still works fine. The excel I have linked has some issues and I have no idea why. I linked Q4'17, Q1'18, and Q2'18. Only Q2'18 is having this issue and only on some of the excel tabs. Here is a screenshot of my data.

      Here is a screenshot of the presentation. The first one is the Sum of a measure. The second shows the count of the measure... note count (distinct) displays "1" everywhere. This is an issue that was created when I linked the last three quarters and I would like to know why. Why for Q2'18 (when I linked Q1'18 and Q4'17) is the measure sum function adding up 240,240 values of 999 when I only have one line item in the source excel? I could change this by using the average function instead of sum. But as I am new to Tableau I would like to learn the why as well.


      The oddest part to me is that I have several excel tabs and it is only occurring on some of them. I have several worksheets that I linked and have no issues from the hardcoded Database. This problem is mainly on Q2'18 but there is one other dashboard where only one entity has an issue with Q1'18 and Q2'18 while all the rest of the entities only have an issue with Q1'18. See screenshot:


      Thank you in advance