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    Sets affect by Filters

    Jose Basualdo


      I have a issue.

      I am learning to create sets but it is not working good.

      My issue is that my set is not working with the filters.


      I want to know Top 2 of things, thus the result is Chair and Tv, this is correct.

      The Room filter is ALL and the information is correct.

      The In/Out colors are correct, "TOP" is IN and "No Top" is OUT.

      But when I use a filter (I am not including Studio), the information change but the colors are incorrect.

      The correct result would be Chair and Bed as IN and Tv, Table and Desk as Out.

      It is a little difficult to explain but I am attaching the file where it is easier to understand the issue.

      I really appreciate if someone can help me to solve it.


      Thank you.

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          Jim Dehner


          here is what is going on - sets precede dimension filters in the order of operations - see below


          Image result for tableau order of operations


          so the set is created before the filters are placed on the vie

          so what can you do

          you could use Rank wich is at the bottom of the order of operation

          with a color code like this


          and the viz would look like this



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            Jose Basualdo

            Hi Jim,


            Thank you for your answer. It is very close to the correct Answer.

            I did a change:


            In my first file does not work an important option for me, this is Expand or Collapse option.

            This option helps me when I want to see only the TOP things and the other things together.


            And if I want to watch the Others things, I only need to choose Expand in Expand or Collapse option.



            Thank you for everything.