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    Grouping - Hierarchy - Filtering of mapped data

    Ric Vane

      Hi - I'm very new to Tableau Public.  I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge.


      I am trying to create a hierarchical drop-down list for users to drill into specific categories in my data, and display only those selected points on the map.


      For example:


      if a user clicks on 'Behavioral Services' [Friendly Service (group)], then I would like the selection box to display all the 'Friendly Services' sub categories inside of it instead of the main group categories.  (for example: Adaptive Skill Training, Clinical Psychologist, Behavior Analyst... and so on)  The user would then have those services to select from and only show them on the map, and have a way to go back to this main group of categories for resetting the view.  I have searched forums, and tried some grouping/hierarchy/filtering techniques, but nothing I've tried gets the results I would like. 


      Thank you in advance for any assistance.