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    creating a dimension by it self out of a field in the dimension

    rar man

      Hey guys. i am trying to create a dimension on its own from a field in a dimension it self. the reason i want to do that is to create a reference line out of field. to further explain i have attached a super store example.



      what i want to do is create a dimension out of furniture on its own and the other categories  i created a calculated field to say:

      IF [Category]="Furniture" then "Furniture"

      ELSE "others"



      currently i have the fields like this:





      want to create something like this at the end where the red is the furniture and black reference line is the others


      let me know if this makes sense. I have looked into the pivot option but unfortunately in my actual data, it is not something that is possible because of the size of the data. 


      thanks in advance for your help!