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    Calculating the differnce of a measure across a dimension

    Laura Flatow-Eisenhauer

      Hi, I'm trying to understand how to either structure a table calculation, or use some kind of LOD calculation to look at the difference between two sample sets


      The goal is to understand the variation between a proposed change in sampling method, in excel, I'd simply pivot the data and calculate the difference, but I'm really challenging myself to work more in tableau, but I just can't figure this one out.


      I've uploaded  a very simple dummy data set that has the number of people who've seen the movie in 1 or 2 weeks, in either sample set A or Sample set B (which actually has people from A & B).  I want to see how many more people (in flat number, but also percent difference) saw the movies between the two sample sets.



      I've managed to do it when I've uploaded the data with the values across several columns ( which is fine for 2 sample and 2 week, but begins to get cumbersome when you have to re-make the calculations for each possible variable combo)


      I'll take any ideas you've got!