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    Year on Year Changes on weeks

    Eoghan Lyons

      Hello all,


      I'm getting stuck on a problem.


      I have a workbook where I have a drilldown of certain records e.g Revenue, where I can look at data as per the year, quarter, month then Day. I also have a column going down showing how the period observed compares to the same period in the previous year depending on what length of time is active (e.g. this year versus last year, this years Q2 v last years Q2 etc). I show this in the attached sample workbook under the name "Discrete".


      The problem I'm facing now is that I need to now be able to see the Week by Week data (and still be able to move up to look at Year, Quarter etc). I also need to show how that week compares to the same week a year previously. I have setup something along these lines in the attached workbook under the name "Continuous". This workbook would be fine but for the fact that I can't change the date reporting period from week to say month, quarter etc (it causes an error), and I can't seem to compare a week to a year back.


      Does anyone know if what I'm looking for can be achieved?


      Also, is it possible to set a week to start specifically on a Monday?


      Many thanks,