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    how to activate product key in tableau online?

    Carlos Lup



      how to activate product key in tableau online





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          Sebastian Sofariu

          Hi Carlos,


          The activation process is a bit different different for Tableau Online.


          Typically you start with a trial.

          When you start the 2 weeks Tableau Online trial, you will receive an activation email with the subject "Get started - Activate your Tableau Online site".

          You can select "Activate my Site" and you will be directed to an activation page where you select the "Name of your site" and "Site location".


          The trial is valid 2 weeks. When Tableau Online test site expires and needs to further test the product, the test site can be extended.

          To request an extension you have to get in touch with the Account Manager

          If the Account Manager grants a trial extension before the initial test site expires, you should be able to access the Tableau Online test site at all times until the extension expires.


          If you need more information on Tableau Online pricing or you decide to purchase, select "Contact us" button from the page below and complete the contact form.


          Tableau Online Pricing and Contact Us


          If you already purchased Tableau Online and cannot access I recommend to get in touch with Customer service Team at customerservice@tableau.com.


          I hope this information answer your question.




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            Ravi Singh

            i have the license key but dont know where to put the license key in tableau online?

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              Brandon Babbitt



              Tableau Online does not have product keys.  If you have a product key issued to you it is likely for the Tableau Desktop product. Are you having trouble logging in to Tableau Online?  I would recommend starting your own thread on the community to address your specific issue.