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    Using an LoD Expression as a filter

    Chris Chutter

      I have searched all over the internet about this and all I can find is people discussing the order of operations, which is helpful but does not touch on my issue.


      I have two LoD expressions. They are both like { fixed var1, var2 : Max(var3)}


      Var3 is Y/N so it is calculating whether var3 is ever 'Y' under that set of var1 and var2 conditions. I would now like to be able to filter by these LoD expressions, but every time I attempt to it errors. Can we not filter by the result of a fixed LoD expression? I don't see why not so long as I don't make them a context filter.


      If this is not allowed is there anyway to do this outside of reworking the data in SQL or something?