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    Head counts for all 12 months in one report

    Rama Potla

      Hi Tableau team,

      Good Morning !!!

      I have one requirement that need to show Head count of each
      month under manager but I am not seeing any date field to get months

      But I have 12 measures that will show each month head counts
      like HC Jan, HC Feb...Etc.

      I am using every month related measure to get counts because
      of this I was not able to select whatever date range I need to see head counts

      I am getting data from SharePoint and downloading into excel

      I am expecting to show every month counts of report (total
      count of each month & details of counts)in one dashboard and user would
      able to drill the report as he need to see in different ways

      He wanted to see each month randomly

      I was struggling to get that into one dashboard

      Can someone please help on this to resolve my issue?