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    Tableau Map: How to show at state level, performance of different counties for different states with color.

    Tarun Singh Thakur

      Tableau_Visualization.PNGData.PNGHi All,


      My data has various states and corresponding multiple county information. Each county has sales number. If I bring in the sales number on to the Color marks for the map then only country level scale is used to represent the color. My requirement is to represent each state with different shades based on the sales number of the corresponding county.


      In the attachment, in Tableau file, it can be noticed that the SUM(Sales) Legend shows the scale for all states together. I want the range for each state so that we can understand how each county in each state is performing.


      Please let me know, whether it can be done or not. If it can be done then let me know how to do it. Thank you.