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    How do I "find" data that appears to be missing?

    Heidi Kiser

      There is no data for the United States and Russia showing in my world map of activity.


      I have backtracked for more than a day:

      1) Have removed all Filters and Actions that could possibly have caused data to "disappear"

      2) Have refreshed my Extract countless times, Have even reverted to Live data. Yet when I open my original data in Excel (with Tableau closed), all the U.S. and Russia data is there. But when I view the data from inside Tableau, it is gone.

      3) Have checked my relationships, even removed the last new data source that I had added to see if it was the cause of the problem.


      What is happening to make the US and Russia data "disappear"?



      I'm using Tableau 10.3.


      The packaged workbook is attached.


      Thank you for your help!