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    Past data and future targets in a dual axis chart?

    Hannah Keith



      I'm trying to show past production data along with the targets for the next month. The "Production Date" field in the vw_Converting Production table has dates until today while the "Production Date1" field in the AS New Lines table also includes future dates.


      I'm using the Production Date1 field with the future dates, but only dates through today will show.


      I found a workaround to add a reference line to the date field with the following formula: DATEADD('day',30,(MAX([Production Date]))). My chart will now show the next 30 days but the planned CPD target numbers won't show up.


      I think the issue could be in my join - If I try to just look at the dates pulling through my AS New Lines data set with the future targets future dates don't show up there either.


      All help appreciated!


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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Hannah,


          I thought there was a connection to the Database here in the file but I realize taht is not the case.  I am unable to investigate the join configuration but check to see that you have a left or right join to the data with the dates that include the future.  This way you should be able to access all of the data rows for this visualization.   If you need more help, we could utilize a small bit of sample data in an excel spreadsheet with a join across sheets.