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      je débute sur Tableau.

      je souhaitais faire une liaison dasn Tableau entre deux tables a partir de l'identifiant du point de vente communs aux deux.

      dans BDD consolidé il s'appelle Numero Point de vente et dans TCD Space il s'appelle Code Point de Vente.

      J'ai un point d'exclamation qui s'affiche. j'ai pensé à une question de format et j'ai converti en texte mais ca ne marche toujours pas..


      je ne sais pas quelle liaison choisir du coup.

      quelqu'un pourrait m'expliquer svp?

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          Jim Dehner

          That is strange

          When I have had this type of issue in the past there has often been a hidden character in one or both of the codes - try using Trim() 


          Good Luck


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            The fields you are joining need to be the same type.

            So in your case either "Numr Poin Vent" needs to become a string or "Code Pdv" a number.

            If that doesn't work maybe in Excel that number has leading 0 which disappear in one of the fields but not the other?

            Or like Jim said maybe the fields have spaces in front or at the back.


            As of which join type you should choose:

            Inner (Interne) gives you all rows that exist in BOTH tables.

            Left (Gauche) will give you all rows that are in your left table (BDD Consolidé) and will fill matching rows from the right table. Unmatched rows will be null for the columns of the right table.

            Right (Droite) is the same as left but vice versa

            Full outer join (Externe entière) will give you all rows from both tables. So you'll have all rows that match but also all other columns from both tables where unmatched rows are filled with null from the other table