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    Show summary of all Filter selections

    david white

      Hello all,


      My user has a large number of filters that they are working with over several dashboards.

      I'd like to be able to have a dynamic text box (or title) that shows them the filters they have selected so far.

      I know parameters can be embedded into dynamic text but the users are able to select multiple values for their selections so I needed to use filters instead of parameters.


      Is there a way to dynamically pull the values selected from the filters into a realtime display of actively selected filters?


      I can't post a workbook at the moment because all the data I'm working with is confidential and I haven't had time to throw together a mock-up.


      Art Example:


      -dashboard one contains filters for periods, styles, years

      ----User selects 'Rennaisance', 'Cubism', '1923-1935'

      -dashboard two contains filters for particular artists and countries

      -At the top of this dashboard I'd like to have a box containing "Periods: Rennaisance, "Styles: Cubism, Years: 1023-1935'

      ----User selects 'Rembrandt', 'Italy' (The box now has 'Artist: Rembrandt, Countries: Italy')



      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am running out of ideas