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    how to visualise data when your category split add up to more than 100%


      Hi all,


      I am in a bit of a pickle.

      I have a somewhat weird dataset, I have attached a mock-up sample so it is perhaps easier to understand.


      Essentially, I am showing orders which have a problem and an order can have multiple problems.

      This obviously means that if on a given day I have 24 problematic orders, the sum of all the orders split by the root causes is going to be more than 100%; if these problems were mutually exclusive, I could easily be showing a stacked bar chart for example.


      In the attached sample I have stripped down the scenario, but I am showing a longer times series (it will be months, with a split by day) and the root causes are actually 10 or 12.

      With the vis I mocked up, I feel there is already a lot of wasted space with my only 4 root causes and I also feel that there isn't really a continuity.

      I really cannot think of any decent way I can visualise this. I think it is of paramount importance that users understand quickly where are the biggest culprit and at the same time they should not be misled by the data, as the sum of every day is going to be most likely always > 100%.


      What ways can you think of visualising this scenario?

      Thank you